Girls are eligible to attend Massachusetts Girls State if they meet the following criteria:

The American Legion Auxiliary unit and the high school should work together to follow the information given below. Please read the information below carefully before beginning the process of selection.

  • They are a United States citizen or legal inhabitant of the United State and will provide documentation at the start of Girls State
  • They have completed or are completing their junior year in high school
  • They are interested in government and current events
  • They have high moral character
  • They have strong leadership abilities
  • They have an above average scholastic standing

Girls State Citizens are a diverse group who share a common desire to learn. From small towns to urban areas, the delegates’ different backgrounds add spirit to the program.

Selection Process:

Girls State is intended for the most outstanding girls, from the standpoint of leadership, character, and scholarship in the high schools. Only those girls who will enthusiastically devote their FULL TIME to increasing their knowledge, while at the same time advancing the whole Girls State Program, should be chosen.