Dear Parent/Guardian These following statements explain a new requirement needed to attend ALA Girls State/Girls Nation. We are asking that you send the proper documentation and the signed statement when your daughter comes to Mass Girls State. It is to be provided onsite Saturday, June 16, 2018 when your daughter arrives for registration.

Legal Inhabitance

High school girls eligible to participate in the ALA Girls State/Girls Nation programs must have completed their Junior year of high school and have at least one semester remaining, be a United States citizen or legal inhabitant of the United States citizen or legal inhabitant of the United States as evidenced by a current and/or valid birth certificate, visa, passport, Green Card or other United State government-issued documentation for at least the duration of the ALA Girls State/Girls Nation program. For any girl to be eligible to take part in the ALA Girls Nation program, she must be able to clear a background check by the United States Government, the White House and the U. S. Secret Service.

This documentation must be provided onsite at ALA Girls State and that failure to provide documents will result in ineligibility to participate with all expenses incurred up to that point becoming a responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Documentation Requirements

I attest that my daughter (ward) has a U.S. government-issued birth certificate or legal documentation of her legal presence in the United States provided by the U.S. government (e.g. visa, Green Card, passport). I understand that upon arrival and registration at ALA Girls State, I am expected to provide a bona fide copy of her birth certificate or her U. S. government-issued documentation proving that she is a legal inhabitant of the United States for the duration of the event. If I fail to provide current and valid documentation, my daughter will not be allowed to take part in ALA Girls State and I, as parent/guardian, will be responsible for all expenses incurred up to that point in time.