You are invited to submit one (1) Bill prior to your coming to Girls State.

A form upon which to write your Bill is enclosed. We are primarily interested that you give your idea for a bit of legislation. Do not worry about details of form. Send in a bill that you can explain, sell to others, and defend against opposition.

Be guided by the following suggestions:

  1. Only one idea or bit of legislation to a Bill.
  2. Only legislation that pertains to the State, not an individual Community or theNation.
  3. Keep it simple. No more than two (2) pages, please.
  4. Each Bill is for serious, effective legislation for the good of our ownCommonwealth or for Girls State.
  5. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE – it is difficult to read some of the writing!
  6. Your proposed Bill must be mailed to me on or before May 25, 2022