What is the Selection Criteria?

  • They are a United States citizen or legal inhabitant of the United State and will provide documentation at the start of Girls State.
  • They will be completing their junior year in high school in June 2018.
  • They are interested in government and current events.They have high moral character.
  • They have strong leadership abilities.They have an above average scholastic standing.
  • They want to come to ALA Girls State – not because they were told they had to.


What are the program objectives?

  • To develop leadership and pride in American citizens.
  • To educate citizens about our system of government.
  • To instill a greater understanding of American traditions.
  • To stimuluate a desire to maintain our democratic government processes.


What is ALA Girls State?

  • A study of local and state government. They establish and operate their own cities and towns and state government. Town and City Officials are elected and they then run their respective Cities and Towns. They form two political parties, prepare a platform, nominate candidates for state office, campaign and elect.Each girl presents a bill from which five – seven (5-7) are selected. These bills are discussed in their City and Town meetings, in Committee Meetings, presented before a Joint Session of the House and Senate and given to the Governor for final action. The five-seven ratified bills by the attendees, are forwarded to the Massachusetts Legislature for consideration. Senators and Representatives are elected and conduct meetings of the House and Senate, both individually and jointly. 
  • Before electing the six Constitutional Officers they participate in campaigning, a Press Forum where candidates from both parties are asked questions from the Girls State Press held before their peers, and then visit each City/Town for an up-close and personal view of the candidates with a short question and answer period, and then the citizens have their final election for the candidate of their choice for office.


What other activities do the ALA Girls State Citizens participate in?

  • Press Conference – Press Reporter needed from each City and Town.
  • Newspaper Published – Reporter and Artists needed from each City and Town.
  • Choir/Band – 5 – 8 citizens needed to sing/play at the Inauguration after completing only 2 to 3 rehearsals.
  • Town/City Scenarios
  • Girls State Revue – Individual Talent performers
  • City/Town Books – a report from each Citizen about her position/s held at ALA Girls State and handed into the City/Town Clerks the last night of ALA Girls State


What Do Participants Learn?

  • ALA Girls State is a practical application of Americanism and Good Citizenship.
  • ALA Girls State further teaches a love of God and Country.
  • ALA Girls State trains girls to live together as self-governing Citizens.
  • ALA Girls State informs them about the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American Citizenship.
  • ALA Girls State helps them understand – so that they may participate in the functioning of Government.
  • ALA Girls State shows them the contributions women can and should make in all phases of Government.
  • ALA Girls State helps them grasp the meaning of some of the responsibilities, which they must assume, as they become adults.
  • ALA Girls State helps them realize that they have a responsibility for the future and that it will be up to them to make it better than it is now.
  • ALA  Girls State Citizens by their experiences learn the value of hope; understanding the rights of others, the value of friendship; and loyalty.