Choir Director

Responsibilities include developing the choir in 3 rehearsals

  • Selecting appropriate music for the Inauguration
  • Ability to read music
  • Ability to play piano, helpful


Responsible for supervising approximately 30, 16-17 year old girls

  • Responsible for guiding an Associate and/or Junior Counselor
  • Knowledge of Massachusetts government
  • Teaching Massachusetts government
  • Patience, respect and encouragement

Distinguished Guest Chairman

 Responsible for escorting guests, officers, etc. to the podium and stage

  • Must be available at all general sessions

Government Staff

  • Responsible for advising and overseeing the Federal and/or National parties for their platforms, bills and debates.
  • Responsible for advising and overseeing the House of Representatives and/or Senate.
  • Ability to work well with young women.
  • Knowledge of Massachusetts government.

Front Desk Receptionist

Resides in the Dormitory

  • Works at the Front Desk to allow ALA Girls State citizens access throughout the day and evening sessions
  • Greets any visitors to the dormitory and performs duties assigned by Director.
  • Ability to work with teenagers in a positive manner

Junior Counselor

Provides support to the Counselor or Associate Counselor

  • Assists with meetings, rehearsals and election tallying
  • Responsible for checking ALA Girls State office for daily ballots, newspapers, notices, etc.

Newspaper Assistant

Ability to work with a team

  • Has good communication skills
  • Work closely with the Newspaper Editor in various tasks such as: typing, internet research, e-mail and photocopying
  • Knowledge of MS Publisher and MS Word helpful

Newspaper Director

Decision Making on Which Stories to Publish

  • Designing the newspaper layout
  • Ability to edit articles
  • Ability to work individually or with a team
  • Has excellent oral and written communication skills with a good command of English grammar
  • Knowledge of MS Publisher and MS Word


  • Provide basic on-site medical care to ALA Girls State citizens, such as physical assessment.
  • Evaluation and managing medical emergencies.
  • Must have own vehicle to transport girls or staff if needed and to visit the local pharmacy
  • Current medical license in the State of MA required


  • Taking Digital Group Pictures of Each City and Town
  • Taking pictures of speakers and events
  • Taking various candid pictures throughout the entire week
  • Must be physically able to walk many miles around campus


  • Ability to Read Music
  • Ability to play marching music, Pomp & Circumstance and the
  • ALA Girls State song (music provided)
  • Willing to accompany individual acts or groups for the Inauguration and Revue


Administrative Support

  • Responsibilities include typing letters, formatting forms, follow up phone calls, during the year as well as during the week of ALA Girls State.
  • Assisting the Director with various office duties
  • Knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel
  • Ability to work closely with the Director to organize the week
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good knowledge of English grammar
  • Must be available entire week of ALA Girls State

Speaker Panel Coordinator

  • Responsible for locating and contacting speakers to donate their time
  • Responsible to send information on ALA Girls State along with directions and thank you’s
  • Responsible for following up and coordinating with the Director available times needed
  • Professionalism a must

Stage Hands

  • Responsibilities include working backstage during entire week, Inauguration and Revue, setting up sessions and assisting speaker needs
  • Assisting the Choir Director and Revue Director with chairs, curtain detail, sound and other various duties

Store Personnel

  • Responsible for selling ALA Girls State items, soda, water, candy, etc. in each dormitory
  • Working closely and assisting the Store Managers
  • Ability to make change and take inventory